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Thread: Tolido sword

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    Tolido sword

    kindly can you give me any information and history of this sword

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    It's a somewhat fanciful repro of Tizona, a sword attributed to the early Medieval Spanish general Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar, aka El Cid -- thus the etching "Tizona del Cid." These modern swords are in general purely decorative, not built for use.

    Hopefully someone else can give you specifics about the manufacturer and date.
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    I remember back in the late 60's passing through O'Hara airport in Chicago on the way to Viet Nam and seeing these swords for sale in the gift shops there! Times have change with air travel.

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    Yeah, that's a fancier version of the one I got for high school graduation in 1984. Other kids got a necktie, I got a sword! How cool is that? Cost was $27.95, as I recall. Mine had a plain black hilt and pommel, none of the enamel work. Stainless steel blade, and the thin tang broke in a moonlight duel with my roommate out on Gettysburg battlefield. I cut a new tang into the blade and stuck on a simple barstock hilt, and used it for reenactment fighting for quite a few years. I think all the parts are still kicking around somewhere! Quite a relic at this point.



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