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Thread: Affordable heirloom quality katana

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    Affordable heirloom quality katana

    Hello all, I am a noob to katanas, I have always wanted one and now (54) Im ready to get one. I want to take Shinkendo and do some limited cutting down the road. But I want the sword I get to be the quality to pass down some day. My budget is around $2000 maybe a little higher. Can I get some help with what to look at?
    The other option I am looking at is a Howard Clark 1086 blade (about a 1 year lead time) and doing a slow build, but I hear this can be very expensive but it does give plenty of time to budget in.
    Thanks all

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    I know, do my own research right?!

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    I wouldn't suggest spending that much until you know what you like in a sword. My advice is to train, start with something simple (read: inexpensive), and try out a few different swords. There are a lot of small differences from one blade to the next, not least of which are length, curvature, balance, and geometry. You'll be an unhappy camper if you spend a small fortune on a sword that you later find doesn't really suit you.


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