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Thread: My "scimitar" first sword im making

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    My "scimitar" first sword im making

    Hey guy,
    This is my first post here and i figured this was the most appropriate place to post it but if not please feel free to move it.
    About a month ago I couldn't sleep so i was sketching and i drew sort of Alladin styled scimitar, the more i looked at it the more I really liked it. So the next day when i had some time i took a picture of my drawing and [pasted it into AutoCad i traced it out changed it a bit to get the lines to flow and make the proportions work and came up with this.

    than the more i looked at it and the more comments i got on another forum i realized this thing would be far too heavy for a one hander even for a fantasyish design so i made it a 2 hander and added a little length to the blade and this was the result.

    I really likied the new drawing so i made a cutout out of 1/4" mdf to get a feeling for it and i wanted more of a curve to the handle unfortunately i dont have a picture of that drawing but here is the blank that i got waterjet cut out of 1/4" 80crv2. There is also a cleaver in the picture iv been working on.

    I also had the pommel and guard cut from the same steel i tapped them and bolted them on i really like how i can fully disassemble the piece as well as swap out parts if i ever want to, plus the fit is perfect and there is ZERO rattle which would drive me crazy.

    I made the handles out of G10 they are bolt on and they are removable im probably going to make a new set with red liners and black scales to match my cleaver but as of now they are kind of a jade color with black liners.

    OK so i hope you guys like the pictures and i look forward to hearing what you think i know its not a super practical design but i love it so far, as for the grind there is a Canadian Maker that iv worked with before he ground the cleaver for me and im hoping i can get him to grind this one as well. The plan is an almost full flat grind but im going to leave it a little thick behind the edge ill be sacrificing some cutting power but it will be more durable and less likely to chip out.
    Thanks Guys!

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    I am seriously impressed! I had a look through your photos and I am amazed at the work that has gone into these pieces. Incredible work, sir!
    Know ye that in some nightmare region I will always be a professional soldier

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