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Thread: Recent problems on a fellow forum.

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    Recent problems on a fellow forum.

    Some of our number may have been aware have been having a few technical issues.
    It is with some pleasure that I can report that these have now been cleared up and they are open for business again.
    I do look forward to more kukri debate here. So I will put some thought into some new threads.
    All the best fellow enthusiasts
    Everyone is entitled to their own opinions not their own facts.

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    Hi David i see the forum is up and running .what is the news on all the picts that are missing ?will they have been saved or are they all lost .??
    Ross .

    AkA Highlander on the Ikhris forum

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    Hi Ross,

    sorry I've not got your email address our Id have messaged you.

    I've had many eventful years {just on 12 } on ikrhs & dealt with some great people , friends and associates and shared as much as I could about my thoughts of kukris individuals may share, as have many other knowledgeable people . I've supported it to the best of my ability for all those years.

    I gained many good friends & associate within the kukri community during the that period.

    But for personal reasons Ive decided to walk on .....

    Good luck to Berkley & IKRHS, its been a interesting chapter.

    We should all never forgot the true golden rule though...

    Its the Forumites that make the forum....

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    Hi johnathon are you just leaving the ikhrs forum ?or will you still be on this one and british blades? Would hate to lose your knowlege and straight forward character and answers to my random will be sorley missed


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