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Thread: FS: Bugei Dragonfly w/ bo-hi

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    FS: Bugei Dragonfly w/ bo-hi

    Nagasa: 29.5"
    Tsuka: 11"

    This has been my regular cutting blade for about five years and was also used extensively for iai. The blade features bo-hi.

    During a taikai years ago, the blade developed a chip in the monouchi which was honed out for me. This has unfortunately left a flat area in the monouchi, but it is strictly a visual issue which doesn't affect the blade's draw or cutting performance at all.

    As is typical with a duty blade, the sword and saya show general handling marks. It has been bent on occasions; these bends have been taken out to the best of my ability, but it's worth mentioning that the blade is not perfectly straight. However, the blade has recently been freshly honed by Nihonzashi. This has of course removed the frosted appearance of the stock Hanwei hamon, but has left the blade quite sharp.

    Pics at link below:

    Bugei Dragonfly

    I'm pricing this low at $500, shipped CONUS only. Please PM for questions or to request more detailed pictures.

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    On hold pending payment


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