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Thread: FS: Nine Circles shinken

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    FS: Nine Circles shinken

    Nagasa: 29.5"
    Tsuka: 10"

    I bought this for use as a daily iai blade, and it is an exceptionally fast, light blade. The balance really is phenomenal and it is lighter than my iaito. It's a nice blade, but the tsuka is just a bit too short than I am used to. I only ended up using it for iai for a few months, and the blade hasn't been cut with at all. Nine Circles markets this blade specifically for iai, and it excels at that purpose.

    The tsuka is nicely waisted, with simple textured silver plated fuchi/kashira and black cotton ito. The sori is of average depth and flows nicely through the blade. The sageo is a simple black cotton weave. Fit at the saya mouth has been shimmed nice and tight, although there is some general looseness in the body of the saya. The sword comes with a nice cloth bag.

    The only things that distinguish this from new are four very small nicks in the edge at the monouchi. They are barely visible and I wasn't even aware of them until I ran an oil patch down the blade. I believe they came from a class where I rested my blade lightly against a student's iaito to demonstrate edge-to-edge vs. edge-to-spine contact. There was no force involved, and I'm actually rather upset that such minor contact was able to ding the edge. But regardless of how they occured, they are there. They are however hard to spot and someone who knows their way around a hone could probably take them out completely, but I'm not particularly good with one and don't want to risk further damage to the blade before selling it.

    Pics at link below:

    Nine Circles

    Price is $900 obo, shipped CONUS only. Please PM for questions or to request more detailed pictures.

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    Bumping to the top; this blade deserves a spot on someone's sword rack!

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    That's a nice blade, I'm surprised the edge dinged that easily. Have you ever cut with a nine circles sword and if so how did it do? Any edge roll problems? Also what is the mesurment of the sakihaba for this blade?

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    Hi Jesse; sakihaba is approx. 15/16".

    No, I've never cut with a Nine Circles blade. I do know that there are two varieties offered for sale: one supposedly has a greater forward balance point and is meant for cutting, and one is balanced specifically for iai. This is the latter; you could train with this for hours and not feel a bit of it. It makes my iaito feel clumsy..!

    I added another view of the monouchi to the album. Not sure how clear it is, but hopefully it shows how relatively small the affected area is. Feel free to ask for any other measurements, or if you'd like to ask anything else.

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    Bumping this one back up; now priced at $850 shipped CONUS

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    Overdue for a bump; dropping price to $750, shipped CONUS

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    Response sent; this sword is currently still available.

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    Bump, now asking $650 CONUS.

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    Bumping up

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    Resurrecting this thread to note that the sword is still available. Reasonable offers entertained.

    I don't get back here often, so if you have any questions please email me at simagery& (replace the "&")

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    Bump to the top; $600 shipped to CONUS

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