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Thread: FS: Cutting blade

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    FS: Cutting blade

    Nagasa: 29"
    Tsuka: 11"

    This is another of our dojo cutters that had been stored away for some years. I am selling it primarily to fund new bokken or perhaps a loaner iaito for newer students.

    This sword is of indeterminate make, but has good forward balance. The saya fit is generally very good. While there's not a lot of wood left at the saya mouth from years of beginning noto practice, the habaki still fits snugly.

    The blade suffers from some oxidation on the omote side, and has typical scuffs from cutting tatami. While this detracts from its overall appearance, this would however be a good blade for waterbottles or initial bamboo training, as you needn't worry about marring the finish of a more expensive blade.

    As seen in the pictures, the handle wrap has come undone at the kashira, and the wrap is on the loose side as a result. I am selling this as-is, but I could arrange a re-wrap by one of my dojo-mates for a small additional fee.

    Pics at link below:

    Cutting Blade

    I am pricing this at a flat $100, shipped CONUS only. Will enterain trades for iaito. Please PM for questions or to request more detailed pictures.

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    Bumping this up to the front; will entertain any offers, plus shipping. This would be a nice blade for backyard cutting or for tsukamaki practice. Important thing for me is to find someone who'll put it to good use.

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    On hold pending payment

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