Hi, I've a few modern, Chinese made katanas that I would like to sell (won't be on here) as I'm moving over to collecting antique, or Japanese made nihonto. All are hand forged, full tang and the like so fully legal. Problem is, I'm in the UK so I'm unsure if I can legally resell these without some form of license or something.
I am aware of the laws on buying and owning curved blades over 50cm here (Either forged by hand using 'traditional' methods, genuine antique over 100 yrs old or samurai swords made before 1954.) however, I can't seem to find anything about selling them again to other people. Do these same laws simply apply, or not? eBay don't allow it, despite the swords abiding to laws stated (hand forged).
All people interested are 18 or over, and in the UK. Obviously I can't and won't sell to anyone younger. Also, as much as I'd like to sell to anyone outside the UK, I can't as I'd like to avoid potential issues with customs, shipping overseas and the charges included (I'd have to further increase prices to cover shipping, plus find a courier service that would handle swords from here to overseas in the first place) and differences in laws.
Thanks in advance.