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Thread: For Sale: Barta Viking

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    For Sale: Barta Viking

    Greeting everyone,

    Well, I am finally starting my move overseas and really need to cut back. I wanted to see if anyone wants to give a home to my last Barta Viking. It is a perfect copy of the sword on page 116 of Swords of the Viking Age. You know the old story of the scabbard being worth more than the sword? Well it is true, The . The scabbard was made by DBK, which cost $1699 without the imported bronze fittings by Urweg and Northan which cost nearly $975. Brian made a horn bridge to match the horn grip. The sword is 38 inches overall, with a 32 inch blade. Also comes with a second Barta made scabbard.
    Better pics of the belt fittings(Northan M73a, M73b, Urweg Valsgaerde Belt Set):

    Patrick waiting list up to 4 years, Brian about 1 year. The time saved on buying this is priceless.

    $2200 shipped, in US. Check or paypal without fees

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    Sold, thanks everyone for looking.

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