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Thread: Help with identification of Japanese sword

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    Help with identification of Japanese sword

    I'm hoping someone can help me with the translation on this Japanese sword and hopefully identify the maker and age. If you don't personally have the info, but can refer me to who would, that would also be really helpful. Any help would be much appreciated!
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    You might get more responses here:

    Register, lots of very knowledgeable people on that board from around the world.


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    You would likely do better on NMB. There are a lot of guys there who can read it. The biggest factor is that they allow more bandwidth for much larger photos than here on SFI.

    I have asked about allowing for larger photos here, but they do not have the bandwidth.

    I looked at it with a magnifying glass til my eyes hurt. I just can't see it well enough to make out.

    It might help if you would crop your photos and get the photo in better lighting.

    Here is a link with some tips which will help you get a better photo.


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