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Thread: Erstes Schwerer Reiter Palasch Bavarian Heavy Cavalry

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    Lightbulb Erstes Schwerer Reiter Palasch Bavarian Heavy Cavalry

    Guys: Got this off the big brown truck...Bavarian Mod 1860 Kuerrassier Palasch. The trade mark is the King's Head of Weyersburg & Co, before 1887. Well hidden under the leather washer.

    Unit marked with the Cypher of Ludwig II under the markings. Nothing else on the Blade.

    "B. 1. s. R"

    " L " (Italic Script)

    "Bayrisches 1er schwerer Reiter" (Bavarian First heavy Rider) no further marks are found.

    Miriable Dictu, the leather grip and wire wrap are intact! Blade in original condition with only minor stains.

    Will make some better pix later, and try to catch the trademark.

    I was wondering what this tip of blade tip is called, tapered upwards with a 4 " false edge on top.
    The last one of these I saw, in 1974, had a symmetric tip like the French models.

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