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Thread: Sword identification?

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    Sword identification?

    Hello! I have an old rusty sabre I would like to know more about. I was told it is Austrian from 1860s and it was in Russian service. That's why the scabbard has a broken bottom - to prevent blood and water from sticking the blade and the scabbard. Can someone confirm this practice and the sabre's model? Does anyone know why would this sabre be in Russian service? Thank you in advance!

    Here are some pictures of the blade in question

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    Hello, and welcome to the forum! I believe it is an Austrian M1904 Cavalry Sword for an enlisted man. Hopefully someone with a greater knowledge of Austrian swords can tell you more than that. The story about the broken scabbard is hogwash. Some scabbards had small holes at the end to let moisture out (presumably). But deliberately breaking a scabbard would be a drastic and ridiculous solution to that problem.

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    Hello Simeon, Jonathan is correct, this is either an Austrian M1904 cavalry troopers, or NCO sword, you may easily find out by checking the blade for any Arsenal mark like WN and a two digit number, the regimental markings are right at the blade reinforcement bars just between the basket and the blade, if there is no Arsenal marking on the sword, than it is NCO.You may also show some more images.

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    Thank you, gentlemen! I found out the marking, I guess it's a 9 but could be a 6 as well! Do you know what type of unit had this swords armed with? It seems like a heavy sword, I guess dragoons? In that case the regiment in question would be the 9th Galician and Bukovina Dragoons (Archduke Albert's)? Also how can I extend the leather to cover the rest of the handle or it was cut off? And do you have any idea why the scabbard would be cut like this? You can hardly break it by accident...

    Here are more pictures

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    Hello, please send me photo of the other side as well, there will be the unitt marking, this sword by used bay all Austro-Hungarian cavalry units including dragoons, hussars, ans uhlans.
    I think you should not touch the leather handle, you can make only worse, normally it should be raiskin not leather.

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    Thank you for the answer but I don't think there are any markings on the other side...

    Take a look for yourself

    The broken scabbard still remains a mystery for me...


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