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Thread: For Sale: Katana signed blade/tsuba

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    For Sale: Katana signed blade/tsuba

    Hi guys am happy to be a member of this family and this is my first post here. For sale is an ANTIQUE 13TH-15TH CENTURY JAPANESE SAMURAI SWORD KATANA SIGNED BLADE/TSUBA, I had this sword sold earlier in July but buyer did not pay for item when delivered because I shipped to him without receiving payment to ease all anxiety...thank God I shipped to a Mod to hold. Sword is in excellent condition no sign of wear, scratch of any kind. Buy with confidence, multiple reference upon request.
    Am not sure who made this blade but an eBay collector who is a friend said it was made by Uda Kuni Tsugu please do your own research of who the sword maker is and would love to get answers.

    It measures 9" end of the handle to tsuba, 28" from tsuba to end of the blade. The total end is 37 1/2" and the total length with the scabbard is 38 1/3". The Tsuba is signed, the fittingd and tsuba are loosed. The sheath is lacquered and appears to be wood, It has some chipping and wood on the very end. All overseas shipping will be express mail and will be $200 which will cover insurance. Asking price is $1,550

    Image exceeds 100kb, pm me if interested. Thanks for looking

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    Price reduced $1400

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    Pm sent

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    Any response? I've messaged twice.
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