Hail all, I am new here and this is my first thread ever. I'll post it over at schola forum whenever I get activated. I was looking at some swords of the Thirty Years' war period and whether you call them walloons, felddegen, haudegen or what have you. I'll try to add a picture. Anyway, to me they more closely resemble broadswords, and as far as I know there are no German manuals for this rather popular sword. The ones that are closest chronologically that i have found are the classic 'Meyer' weapons (I seem to recall a term for them collectively but it escapes me at this moment). I am mostly unfamilar with Meyer's single handed weapons as I am coming more from a longsword/messer background. So (assuming this is the framework in which we have to work) which of his one-handers is most appropriate to translate to the walloon? My gut says dussack due to the basket hilt but as I said i am unfamiliar with it (for now). Any folks with more germane experience have any thoughts on the matter?

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