Hi guys,

I am looking for a (Chinese ?) forge that is able to forge a blade exactly to my specs in regards to steel used, blade, Kissaki and Nakago geometry, Hamon style etc. Measurements are taken of a sword I had the pleasure to run through a number of Kata and it just felt so right ! Just like an extension of my arm. Unfortunately it is a sword that is more than a little out of my price range. So, should you have an idea on which forge would be up for this, can deliver quality at a good price and will not put me on a 24 months waiting list, please do let me know.

Steel: Tamahagane

Construction: Honsanmai

- Shinogi-zukuri,
- Sori: Tori
- Mune: Iori-Hikue

Nakago: Kuri-Jiri, 230 mm, no Nakago-Ana

Nagasa: 720mm

Kissaki: Chu-kissaki, 38 mm

Moto-haba: 32 mm
Moto-gasane: 7 mm
Saki-haba: 24 mm
Saki-gasane: 5 mm
Sori: 16 mm
Hamon: Ko-Choji with some Tobiyaki
Boshi: Chu-Maru