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Thread: British I/O sword ER 1897 HEBA

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    British I/O sword ER 1897 HEBA

    Hello everyone. I'm a lifelong fencer who wants to get into 19century military swordplay. I have tried too many times to purchase a British 1897 officer's sword from the HEMA shop, without getting a response. They are worse than Leon Paul in customer service.

    I'm old, and sidelined by injury, so I want to learn and practice sword drills with a minimum of foot movement. I hope learning saber drills will help me keep fit

    Does anyone else know a source for buying a replica 1897? Better yet, can anyone suggest a way of attracting HEMA's attention?

    Many thanks

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    I would suggest purchasing an authentic 1897p sword, there are plenty about and many are inexpensive. You will get a better sword than a replica with better balance etc.
    Many online auctions in the US have 1897p swords from time to time in the $200 range.


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