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Thread: Help identify a WW2 Veteran Dagger/Knife.

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    Question Help identify a WW2 Veteran Dagger/Knife.

    Hi All,

    I am trying to identify the attached dagger/knife, so would really appreciate the assistance of the experts in this forum.

    The dagger/knife was owned by a Royal Marine Commando from WW2 and has been passed down to his nephew, here in New Zealand.

    I really have no clue, other than the research I have tried would indicate it is a Jambiya Knife, but of what origin, I cannot find.

    Unfortunately my Friend's Uncle has passed away and his Wife has no idea about it's origin, other than that he brought it back with him from WW2.

    Cheers & thanks in advance.

    Nigel W.
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    Hi again,

    I am really hoping someone can identify this, or at least point me in the right direction to identify it's origin?

    I note the male figure on the scabbard and hope he would be a good clue as to origin?

    It may even be a cheap markets/tourist dagger, but given the Soldier who brought it back was a RM Commando "knife man", I suspect there may be more to it...???

    Cheers & thanks again,

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    Hi Nigel

    It was likely made in Syria.
    They are bazaar items for sale to visitors.

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    Thanks Gene,

    As mentioned above, this is what I suspected.



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    Just because it might be a "bazaar buy", for what ever reason, it "spoke" to your friend's uncle or else he would have never bought it in the first place, much less kept it for decades.

    I can guarantee you that my nephew is gonna look at some of the stuff I have accumulated and "WTF was he thinking when he bought this???????".


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