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Thread: My Gurkha Kukri

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    My Gurkha Kukri

    I was given this beautiful knife years and years ago by my ex-father in-law. He didnt tell me much about it, other than he's had it for a long time and for me to take good care of it, not to sharpen or alter it in any way. So, for the last 15 years I have kept it so out of site that I even forgot about having it. I now am curious of what exactly I have. The very little research has gotten me nowhere except here and for that I'm satisfied. Can someone help in uncovering the mystery of where it came from and who B.A. might be. That's the only marking on the whole thing. And it's in a wooden two piece sheath that the clip and one side are carved from on solid piece of wood. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks LanceName:  Picture_20184419044434.jpg
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    I'll hazard a reply to this to start the ball rolling. I don't think this is a kukri, Gurka or otherwise. The form of the blade looks much more Burmese than Nepalese.
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    Thank you Guy! Any little bit helps and I appreciate all I can get.

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    It's a big 'Jungle Knife'!

    I'm thinking a Philippine Bolo?
    The grips are horn.
    A lot of troops in the area picked this sort of thing up in WW2.

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    Thank you Gene! Do, I take it it's not worth much? I've been handling it like it's worth a fortune. To me it's a piece of history, it's invaluable. Any ideas what the B A stands for?


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