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Thread: sad news...

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    sad news...


    It’s with considerable sadness that I pass on the following message to the forum. Yesterday, Lord David Baxter, The Baron of Earlshall, passed away. He worked tirelessly in recent years in an effort to publish his work on Scottish basket-hilted swords and having finalized Volume 1 he had every intention of pushing on to subsequent volumes, despite the limitations of his physical condition. More than a few here on SF knew his work and some knew him personally. Needless to say, his loss will be deeply felt.

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    Condolences and prayers to the family, friends.

    Esperance en Dieu

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    Sad News

    Hi Guys

    It seems like only yesterday that Bob Erlandson told us that the Baron was now terminally ill. Our thoughts are with his family at this sad time. We can only hope that he has left some instructions to ensure that his remaining work on the Scottish Basket hilt is eventually published. We have been corresponding with the Baron for years, and his death is a great loss not only to his family and friends but to the world of Sword Collecting.

    Cathey and Rex

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    Very sad to hear of the passing of the Baron of Earlshall, a true scholar and authority on Scottish weaponry.

    It would be a fitting and worthy memorial to his knowledge and expertise if the remaining volumes of his magnum opus on basket-hilts were to be finally published.


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    Very sad to read this thread.

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    Very sad indeed for family and all who knew him. A well known sword collector and scholar we have lost.
    On a professional note we were so looking forward to his future publications of basket hilted swords.
    As expressed previously let us hope his name will live on through his works and that his yet unpublished volumes become available to this sword collecting community.
    Few books in comparison have been written regarding swords and his first basket hilt sword volume was immense with valuable information.


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