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    Ronin Katana Elite

    Ronin Katana in Shirasaya. Shirasaya is in great shape. Blade is in really great shape never cut with it. I'm being picky, but there is a very small hairline scratch on the ura side of the blade and that's it (pictured). It's nice looking blade and feels pretty good in hand. There is some nice lamination lines on the blade. The nagasa is 28" on this one. There is a sword bag included even though it's not pictured.

    It has both a shirasaya, saya with tsuka. The saya and tsuka are not original to this but are from Ronin Katana. They fit but technically they are makeshift. but I'm including them in the sale.The tsuka 11" Ito is super tight. The saya has started to crack at the koiguchi, hairline crack thus far. But still works and serviceable. I put a yagyu style tsuba on it. These are extras I'm throwing in.

    It's worth noting that there's some kind of white waxy protectant stuff that seems to get on the blade from both the saya and shirasaya, it wipes off but again wanting to put any issues up front.

    I'm letting it go for $375.00 and that includes shipping and I eat the paypal fees.

    Thanks, Bob
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    Bob Bugh


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