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Thread: FS Hanwei: Wind & Thunder swords

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    FS Hanwei: Wind & Thunder swords

    First item: W&T Wakizashi: Used a few times on tatami mats all in a dojo setting. Had it for a few years. I think it should go to a good home now. Few light scratches on the blade all superficial. Everything else looks like new. Priced at $350

    Second item: W&T Katana-blade and saya only. I bought this as a project blade. I was going to have it cut down and made into a wakizashi. The blade is functional and I cut with it a couple of times. I had it sharpened by a long time practitioner. When sharpen lots of sharpening superficial marks are left over. Thoes marks typically can be hydro polysh out. I will try to post and send the best pictures so a potential buyer can judge what you are getting. Price at $300

    Both: PayPal preferred; Postage not included; will post pictures soon. If seriously interested I will email photos; Email me at:

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    Still available. I will pay for shipping in the continental USA.

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    are they still available?
    Samurai King

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    Still available. Email me an offer

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    I found a new Tsuka I can throw in the mix. The Tsuka is perfect for the katana. It's 11" wraped w/same, menukis, and fuchi & kashira. So all you will need is a tsuba and seppas. So it could be a nice sword project. Please take both swords for $600.

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    Still available

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    PM sent

    Bob Bugh

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    Still available.
    Package deal for $575.
    Or just:
    Wakizashi: $350
    Katana blade & saya: $250

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    These two blades are still available.

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    -Wakizashi is no longer available.
    -Katana blade, saya and tsuka all available for $300.

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    Hi there

    Which region of the world are you located in, please? I am in Europe and hence would not really like to buy from the US due to the imense shipping costs which are added ove here to the price and then customs and 19% sales tax come on top...
    Otherwise I might be interested...



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