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Thread: Wilkinson Patent Hilt to Gurkha Rifles officer who fell in WW1

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    Wilkinson Patent Hilt to Gurkha Rifles officer who fell in WW1

    I have just finished putting together a little article about a fallen soldier of WW1, inspired by Armistice Day today and this wonderful sword that recently came into my possession:
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    A superb sword and a timely reminder about the cost of sacrifice.

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    Thank you for writing this. Very moving. Years ago I took a driving tour of England, and was struck by the monuments in every village square and crossroads. The lists of fallen seemed almost unbelievable in number, the effects ripple to this day. My grandfather served in France, he was a late Yankee arrival to the horror. May God have mercy on them all.

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    Matt and Forum.

    I conducted a night time Remembrance Day service last night with Last Post and the minutes silence at 11.00am European Time. Created a Centotaph with slouch hat and 1897 Infantry Sword owned by a Marine who saw service in WW1 on top of the Cenotaph.

    More importantly, when one travels through parts of the Australian countryside you are struck by the numerous monuments listing names with stars next to the dead. Some towns list very important events, such as the charge at the Nek and Lone Pine, marked by the date of death. Some towns lost three and four on the same day.

    Thanks for starting this.
    “The Australian Light Horse attack on Beersheba was the last important cavalry charge in history and the last to win a resounding victory that altered the course of a war." Alec Hepburn

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    A timely reminder for us collectors on Veterans Day. A wonderful sword and researched story as well.
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    You do honor to a gallant officer by researching and publicizing his story. May Maj. Broadhurst and all the officers and men who fell in battle for their countries Rest in Peace.
    "Courage is fear holding on a minute longer."--Gen. George S. Patton

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    More than a few Australian towns where the war memorial was the last thing built. Wipe out enough of the men an the place they lived just dies with them.


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