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Thread: Austrian Model 1861 Cavalry Kindersabel

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    Austrian Model 1861 Cavalry Kindersabel


    I picked up a very nice Austrian Kindersable (Children's Sword) over the weekend at the Leavenworth, KS Militaria Show. This kid sized sword is 21" overall in the scabbard and has all the accouterments with the sword. These little swords were made as kid toys but some were better made than others with more attention to detail. This little sword is highly detailed and complete.

    This is a small rendition of the Austro-Hungarian Model 1861 Cavalry Troops Saber. This particular sword model was replaced in 1869 by a new model of saber. Just like its full size counterpart the hilt has black leather grips bound in twisted brass wire and is Nickel plated overall. The guard is distinctive in that, different from the preceding 1858 Model sword, it has elongated piercings in the narrow, and re-enforced, basket guard. The plated blunt mild steel blade has a narrow fuller on the obverse side while it also presents a slab sided blade on the reverse side just like the full size issue sword. Interestingly, this small sword has a nickeled steel scabbard that retains the two ring suspension of the Model 1858 Cavalry Saber. The sword also retains its white cotton sword knot and its gold bullion on red leather Austrian Officer suspension straps and sword belt.

    This is the first Austrian Kindersable that I have found that is complete with all its accouterments.

    I picked this sword up along with another Kindersable that I will post separately for identification... hopefully.
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