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Thread: Civil War Era Relic Sword ?

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    Civil War Era Relic Sword ?


    What are your thoughts on this relics sword?
    Sorry about the pictures I had to shrink them to get them to fit.
    The sword has some marking ( 8 444) and P J R G )
    Is this a French import?
    Thank you very much
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    It looks to me like it may be the remains of a USN boarding cutlass. I see where the brass cup guard was riveted to the D guard. The markings on the back of the guard appear to be consistent with USN rack number markings as well.

    I hope this is helpful.
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    Your sword is an Ames M1861 Navy cutlass. The number on the quillon is the serial number the Navy required Ames to stamp on each cutlass, in this case it is number 8,444 which would indicate this one was made in 1862. The markings on the blade are from the reinspection of all arms conducted by the Navy soon after the CW (1866 IIRC). JRC are the initials of the officer who inspected the cutlass in 1866, Captain John R. Goldsborough. Cutlasses with his mark are somewhat rare. Here is a photo of a similarly marked sword in good condition.

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