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Thread: Another Kindersabel for Identification

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    Another Kindersabel for Identification


    I picked up a very nice Austrian Kindersable (Children's Sword) over the weekend at the Leavenworth, KS Militaria Show that I posted separately. Along with this Austrian sword I also picked up another Kindersable that I have not been able to identify. This kid sized sword is 22" overall in the scabbard and has a sword belt with the sword. The style of hilt and the double lion head medallion sword belt buckle makes me think this may be a small rendition of a British sword.

    This is a small rendition of a Cavalry Troops Saber. Like its full size counterpart the hilt has black leather grips with no twisted wire but this may simply be missing. The gilt guard is distinctive in that it has a three branch ornate basket guard with a small piece in front of the back strap broken off. The one piece back strap and plain pommel is unadorned gilt. The unplated thin mild steel blade is narrow and slab sided with a blunt tip. Interestingly, this small sword has a rolled steel scabbard that has two attached suspension bands and rings. The scabbard has a folded and unsoldered seam with the drag soldered onto the end holding the scabbard together. It appears the scabbard was tin plated. The sword also retains its black cotton sword hangers and belt. The belt has two interlocking gilt tin lion head buckles.

    Please take a look at this little sword and see if you can steer me in the direction of what its full size brother may look like. It may well be a generic sword but it looks British to me.

    Thanks, George
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