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Thread: Mid 19th Century Knights Templar sword that is of personal interest.

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    Mid 19th Century Knights Templar sword that is of personal interest.

    Pre ACW Ames Mfg Co. Templar sword
    I just got this one and for reason that will be clear later I will add it to the collection even though I avoid lodge swords. It is big and heavy and very much a weapon, however the point has been safed; which is the only real blemish.
    The style appears to be that of an RA Eminent Commander. There are several similar ones in The American Fraternal Sword ISBN: 1-931464-38-3. This a useful book when that occasional lodge sword comes your way. The Ames Sword Co. catalog has a later version of this sword shown as the No. 22.
    Now the reason I have a personal interest in this sword; because engraved on the scabbard is the name R.C. Graham. That is the name both my father and son.
    My Graham ancestors came from Massachusetts and were Masons.
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    That is a great looking etch.

    My paternal grandfather and of the Lodge Council Scottish Rite Bodies, Valley of Pittsburgh. I don't recall a sword as ever mentioned by family members and he had retired from Carnegie Tech by the late 1950s. I have so much more to remember of dad and grandfather and a sword would be an addition if it were to surface but I have a hunch it would have been apparent by now. We have all been somewhat pack rats, so it must have moved on decades ago.

    The stars motif on the guards always a nice touch,

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