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Thread: Help identifying old sword

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    Help identifying old sword


    most appreciate it if anyone can assist with identifying this sword. No clue where it originates from..perhaps Italian ?

    Many thanks,

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    Possibly English, early 1600s. In England in the early 1600s there was a short period where it was fashionable to have a simple cross hilt instead of the complex hilts of rapiers and baskethilts. Six of these hilts (although all are of very high quality decoration compared to the one you've shown) can be seen here:

    Alternatively, the quillion ends remind me of Northern European rapiers.

    Are there any elements missing from the hilt? The capstan and the "collar" below the pommel don't appear to have the age that the rest of the hilt does, but this could just be an artifact of the photo. If it's not a photographic artifact, they both could be non-period replacements.

    Hope this helps a bit!



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