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Thread: Officer d' Artillerie Mle 1822/99 Dec 1911

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    Lightbulb Officer d' Artillerie Mle 1822/99 Dec 1911

    Fellows; I thought about posting this on the best buy of 2018, but this is the first one of these I have ever seen or owned, and I think it deserves some separate attention.

    "Mfre Nat.le d' Chatellerault Off d' Mle 1822/99 Xbre 1911"

    Brass fitting with the usual floral motif. Horn grip, brass wire wrap. Steel scabbard, with the canvas cover.

    Has the usual verdigris/brasso in the the usual places---Hoppe's No 9 gun solvent and tooth brush will take care of that.

    The scabbard is of the German design, with two strips of fir, with the mouth retained by a screw instead of the usual French rivet. I think this is the first French weapon of this era I have encountered with the fir strips..

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