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Thread: British Cavalry 1908 ?

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    British Cavalry 1908 ?


    Can somebody more knowledgeable in british 1908 pattern tell me more about this sword? It doesn't have a manufacturer mark, just what can be seen in these photos. I read that there was also an Indian pattern - how can I distinguish between the two? I am also worried about the large amount of fakes of this particular pattern (from what I read on internet). It doesn't look fake to me, but there aren't many british swords in my area, so I'm not an expert..

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    I think it is a post 1912 model as it has the metal pin to hold the washer in place. but I couldn't date it more accurately.

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    there should be a number to the right of the 11 on the ricasso which would be the last two digits of the year it was made, might be 15 for 1915?. The 11 is for November.
    The sword appears good and may have the original paint. The scabbard rings are bent.

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    Yours is British, the Indian model used wood grips.
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    I have never had the opportunity to see or hold one of these. What is the grip material?
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    On this example it’s a rubber compound with the tradename ‘Dermatine’, earlier models used the Harry Potter sounding ‘Gryphonite’!

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    Here is a better view of the markings. except from being manufactured at Enfield in 1915 is there anything else meaningful to be learned from it?
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    IMA refurbished a bunch of these, years ago I got one no marking left I could see bill

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    11 / 15 = November, 1915 sword, British sword. The Indian version has a walnut grip that is smaller in length.

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