A few years ago I purchased, at a gun show, a quantity of Scottish military equipage, to include kilt, parade sporran, canvas gaiters w/horn buttons, glengarry, formal jacket, Dress/ceremonial basket-hilt, .and baldric. Various features led me to date the entire assemblage at 1900 give-or-take a couple of years. I sold everything except the baldric which was totally rotted. the leather was nearly gone. I thought I would use it as a pattern to make myself a new one which I would wear for parades and such. (Yes, despite the surname, I am a Scot) When I examined the buckle, keeper,and tip, I discovered that they were all solid silver (.999) and had Scottish proof marks rather than UK. They are quite lovely & polish-up easily with gentle rubbing. Photos are available if I can figure out how to post them. My 1st query is possible value. Any help will be appreciated.