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Thread: Indian/Afghan Tulwar with eyelashes and scabbard

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    Indian/Afghan Tulwar with eyelashes and scabbard

    Hello, here is what i believe a Indian/Afghan Tulwar. Blade is full with eyelashes and seems to be of good quality.I do not know the exact time frame when its made. Thank you for watching
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    Some outside images
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    Hi Silvien

    I would say that your Tulwar is likely around 30 years old.
    I remember these from the 80s and it was said that they were coming from Afghanistan (or maybe Pakistan).

    I remember having a pair. The blades if you bent them......... stayed bent!

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    Hi Gene,

    Despite the news that its not genuine but more a tourist piece i would like to thank you because it is better to know then being in the unknowing

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    Hi Silvien

    I'm sorry the news isn't better, it's just my opinion of course. Let's see what others think?

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    No problem at all,

    I found 2 other types here on the forum.
    The second one is almost the same.While the first one is the same style but cleary inferior compared to the other 2

    Thank you


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