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Thread: Fake British infantry P1845

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    Fake British infantry P1845

    I was offered this sword, but I declined it because it doesn't look right to me. Nevertheless, I'd like to double check my opinion with more experienced people on this forum.

    What I see wrong in it:
    - the grip looks too thick and ugly
    - the guard is not curved enough, not covering the hand and not following the fist shape
    - the blade etching is very simple, identical on both sides (including the proof disk)
    - the VR cipher doesn't look at all like any variants I have seen until now, and even the crown doesn't look right
    - the blade shape is strange (same width from base to tip); i read that there were some straight 1845 variants but somehow this blade doesn't have the right feeling
    - i have found some references on this forum about fakes using the "PROVED T." (t dot) proof disk, but unfortunately the photos are not available anymore to compare
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    Hi Victor,

    No, it's a repro from the Indian sub-continent, probably no more than 20 or 30 years old. It's actually not bad if you want a re-enactor sword or just to display, but all of the features you list bear your opinion out. I'd also add that the scabbard rings are a bit thin, and the sword knot looks German!

    The etching is similar to some genuine examples - VRI being the mark for Queen Victoria, Empress of India - I guess this is based on a real example which was what the makers of the repro had access to.

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    Plus the leather grip rather than shagreen is a dead giveaway.

    My god, that etching makes me feel ill.

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    It looks almost intentionally modern in style?
    I mean like it wasn't meant to fool anyone.
    If it was just a repro, why not at least get it right?
    It does seem to be well made, why go to so much effort to make something that isn't a copy? I quite like it.

    John of course is right that it looks like VRI. The crown is very strange. I've just had a look at a genuine VRI hilt and the crown is more like the one below on a standard VR hilt.
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    Quote Originally Posted by james.elstob View Post
    My god, that etching makes me feel ill.
    LOL! Don't dress it up James, say what you think!

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