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Thread: Looking for Commonwealth 1895 and 1897 Pattern Infantry Swords

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    Looking for Commonwealth 1895 and 1897 Pattern Infantry Swords

    Hi all....

    I am way new to collecting Swords, and I have selected Commonwealth 1895 and 1897 Pattern Infantry Swords. I have a nice Elizabethan 1897 and a Georgian VI 1897 as well as a Victorian 1895, all UK varients. I am always looking for nice versions of the two patterns.

    In my travels, I picked up a gorgeous Italian Naval sword to trade for an 1897 or 1895. If anyone is interested, please contact me. If this post is not allowed, please pardon the indescression. I live in Canberra, ACT, Australia.

    WW1 – WW2 Italian Navy Officer’s sword & scabbard. Gilt finished solid brass half basket guard, with Italian crown over a fouled anchor as a cartouche badge and a fold down locket to attach to the scabbard on the back edge. The brass backstrap pommel is a lion’s head and mane with royal crown and white enamelled ray skin grip, bound with brass wire. The 78cm long thin straight blade is finely etched to both sides with a floral pattern of trophies of arms, crowned eagle & naval scenes. Black enamelled leather scabbard is mounted with double embossed gilt fired brass lockets with and naval anchor adorned drag. Overall length 97cm. A fine condition sword, which would certainly grace any militaria collection. I have a valuation certificate/certificate of authenticity.
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    Hi Paul, and welcome to the Forum! A good place for selling swords would be the Antiques Classifieds (Non-business) board, which you can find at:

    Good luck with the sale and your future collecting!

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