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Thread: FS custom katana from Simon Lee, Zombie Tools the Sin Bad

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    FS custom katana from Simon Lee, Zombie Tools the Sin Bad


    I am selling these 2 great swords!
    I am living in France but I can ship almost worldwide.

    First a long katana from Simon Lee maker (simonlee-sword on ebay) with custom fittings.
    Blade lenght: 30 3/4" with the habaki.
    Katate maki wrap with blue silk ito.
    Fushi custom from Aaron Justice.
    Japanese kashira dated after WW2.
    Modern menukis.
    Very nice hamon!
    I used it for light battodo. There are traces on the blade and it has been sharpened recently. Scary sharp!
    Comfortable tsuka, not bulky like some Hanwei's. A ding in the saya near the koiguchi.
    I am asking 450$ + shipping fees.


    Second is a retired blade from Zombie Tolls, the Sin Bad.
    Blade lenght: 21 1/2"
    Kydex sheath with custom harness inspired from medieval. Sword is at the belt and there is a strap over the chest. Thick leather waxed.
    Used to cut once. Not abused, still original sharpening. To clean the blade I had to remove some of the patina near the tip.
    I am asking 250$ + shipping fees.


    Payment prefered by Paypal, but possible by wire transfer.

    Thank you.

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    the Sin Bad is spoken for.

    Thank you.

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    The Sin Bad is sold and price reduction on the Simon Lee katana : asking 400$ + shipping fees.

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    Hi Rene, I have seen a fellow forumite post about a Przemek Katana he wants to sell. His forum name is Oliver P. Unfortunately we have been unable to connect until now.

    I read some of his old posts and have seen that when he was looking for a Katana you offered him one you had and I think this is the one he is selling.

    Any chance you have his email to send me via PM, so I can get in touch with him directly?


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    Hi, sorry my inbox was full, now it's ok. I will send you a message.

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    Thanks Rene for this!

    Actually your inbox shows still as full.



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