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Thread: Early American Sword?

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    Early American Sword?

    What are your thoughts on this sword?
    Early American or European?
    No markings.
    Blade measures about 30 inches.
    Thank You
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    To me, this appears to be British manufacture and a type exported to the US and others. Generally regarded as a U.S. militia mounted artillery sword but also sometimes regarded as a flank officer's sword and not a unique classification. A great many seem to surface in the northeastern US, which would lend credence to them being of, or before the 1812 conflicts. Use of similar swords continued to the Mexican War and beyond, so it can be difficult to date them exactly but most were probably used up by the 1830s or so.


    Here is an example marked in the 1820s by a New York retailer. It may have been originally made more than a decade or more previous to that. There were still British made swords being brought into the US during the 1812 conflict.

    There are some subtle differences compared to the one you picture but quite alike. Mine has a flat ferrule where your has a curvature/crown to the ferrule. A difference between early and late? Who knows.
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    Hi Glen
    Nice sword.
    Thank you for the help and information.
    I really appreciate it.
    The sword came out of New York
    Thanks again


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