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Thread: Help with a french An XI light cavalry sword

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    Help with a french An XI light cavalry sword

    Hello, are these markings corrects for a napoleonic light cavalry AnXI sword? I can´t find some of the markings in internet. Thanks a lot
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    Hi Alex
    Looks good to me. Its a fairly early example as they were dated on the back of the blade from around 1810. 'Coulaux frees' is the pre-1810 format.

    The blade poincon M looks like that of Mouton, the other not clear but could be B for Beaumaretz, which would place the sabre around 1803-6.

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    The poincons on the hilt are not familiar to me, though I have that one that looks like a 6 with a dot on one of my sabres. These could be later marks.


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    The hilt is off a Russian Model 1827 Cavalry troopers sabre as indicated by inspection marks,but blade is as Jerry said.
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    And I'd say that the scabbard comes from a British P1796, to cover the whole thing...
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