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Thread: Brexit issues, anyone else?

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    Angry Brexit issues, anyone else?

    It is very odd, yesterday I was declined by a Belgian seller whom I wanted to buy a sword from. They said they did not want to sell to the UK because of Brexit, because they feared the item would be blocked by Customs!!! I have seen some other Brexit related issues recently as well, for example the site Antiques Swords EU is no longer, it redirects to Antique Swords Com (they changed from EU to Com they say because of Brexit). Has anyone else seen anything similar / had issues?

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    I have not seen any information on changes to UK sword import rules. Anyway it has hasn't happened yet. One possible consequence may be the imposition of import VAT on purchases from the EU once we have Brexited [if that is a word !]

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    Well obviously this never happened before so people rightly are taking steps to protect their businesses. I recently ordered a book from the UK and it was delivered in the post this week (Sweden) with a very neat customs declaration attached in case delivery would be postponed until after Brexit. Don’t be surprised to see disruption because of it.

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