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Thread: 1920,s Palestine Police Officer's Sword for sale

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    1920,s Palestine Police Officer's Sword for sale

    Early Palestine Police Office's sword made by Guthrie & Valentine, Cork St., London W. who made swords from this address from 1890 - 1924, indicating the British officer to whom this sword originally belonged to most likely served in WW1. The sword is in very good condition, the plated hilt incorporating "PP" has no plate loss and the fish skin and grip wire has no damage. The blade numbered 6935 is overall very good and bright, the engraving includes "PP", a king's crown and foliage etc. with only minor blemishes. The plated scabbard complete with lining is still quite bright overall, the plating has a "pickled" look to it but there is no flaking and looks quite presentable.
    Not many of these swords can have been made, but unfortunately it does not fit within my collection of British swords and should go to a fellow collector where it will be appreciated
    Priced at 495 GBP plus insured trackable shipping.
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    Sword reduced to 425 GBP, Replies now being monitored on the Antique classified only. Please also note that it has been established that it is an Indian Police not Palestine Police sword

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    Final reduction to 295 GBP, the sword will be available until the end of May and will be returned to my collection if not sold. Thank you for looking, please reply if interested in the Classified section where it is listed as Indian Police sword

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    Last thread should read please reply through Antiques Classified

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    Sword no longer available


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