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Thread: Meyers Spartan M1902 - When was it made?

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    Meyers Spartan M1902 - When was it made?

    I have a good friend who is a pocket knife guy. He buys and sells pocket knives and a few fixed blades at Texas gun and knife shows.

    He recently acquired this Meyers Spartan M1902 in a deal that included a lot of pocket knives. He would like to know when it was made. The trademark stamp does not include either Germany or West Germany, which are the ones I am familiar with, or any other country. It does have NEW YORK as part of the stamps. It has a brass double triangle "proved" lozenge.

    It was obviously not well maintained as it has significant corrosion and rust on the blade. The scabbard has lost almost all of its plating.

    Any one have an idea about when Meyers made the SPARTAN line without a country of origin on it? How much over $50 is it worth? That's what I told him I would pay for it in its condition. He didn't get mad - he knows I am a cheap Wend.
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    A good shot of the hilt and grip might help narrow down the date range.

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    Ray sent me a left and right side view, and a quartering shot from each side. If the pommel end on is needed. I'll ask him.

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