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Thread: Buying a Collection

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    Buying a Collection

    Guys looking for some advice. I'm going to look at a collection of 1800-1920 British and US swords. Can you suggest a place to find comparables with pricing? Thanks in advance. Paul

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    Past auction results. Dealer sites can help but no one but dealers get those high prices Buying in bulk lowers individual prices sometimes considerably. First be sure the swords are not low end in terms of condition since this is an investment. It matters geographically where you are as to pricing. You can't be in the US and ask for British prices for British swords.

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    Problem is, I am noticing prices are just going down for the last 10 months. You have to search for recent auctions.
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    There is the world swords price guide from Harvey Withers, published in 2006.

    There is Tom Nardi's price guide for some US swords.

    I am sure, as a militaria dealer, you are familiar with searches and researching items. You also must know condition is everything and also know of how the general market works. There is not really a fixed price for any item. Evaluating a lot depends on whether one is buying, selling or insuring. Looking at other dealer's pricing can certainly garner a ballpark to work with. There is Denner up there in Canada and a few others you are likely familiar with. Exchange rates only complicate issues as well.
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    And don’t forget Paul, there are 78 pages of our own Antiques Classified Section to trawl through!


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