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Thread: Przemyslaw Podstawa katana blade & habaki

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    Przemyslaw Podstawa katana blade & habaki

    bought this off Premy back in 2014. It has never been fitted up. Time for a new owner. specs below. Located in Australia. Postage available worldwide. $1600 AUD. I'll get the photos up in the morning.

    Przemslaw katana:
    FS:katana hira-zukuri 29"
    katana hira-zukuri
    W2 monostal
    nagasa 29"
    nakago 9 1/4"
    motohaba 32mm
    motokasane 6,5mm
    sori 14mm
    weight 900 gram
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    Mind sending a couple more pics to my email at

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    photos sent, thanks daniel

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    Price Reduction!! now $1400 AUD


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