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Thread: german bayonet frogs

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    german bayonet frogs

    hey all.. looking for info on 2 german frogs 1) mfg by otto Stephan lederwerk muhlhausn /tn 1938 other one 2) William Hansen & braun soligen 1937 thank you for any help you can give me bill

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    I find a listing for Stephan in Muhlhausen doing business as "ghq" code and in Thum as "ajd".

    I show Hansen & Braun in Solingen doing business as "gyp".

    This comes from John Walter, "German Military Letter Codes". I hope this helps.
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    thanks Geo .... for the info, I did find a I guess a setoff books by a carter on frogs an ect but seems like out of print and everything else seems like nobody has them to sell and one said it is out of print again thanks for help oh one other thing were these companies sort of big companies ? doing business in Germany ?

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    Virtually all the reference books are out of print. Use Google to find second hand ones or look here:
    At the bottom of the page are links alphabetically posted showing all makers.
    Many were small businesses not large companies. Since they were scattered around Germany and small they were difficult to pinpoint for removal.

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    Thanks a lot Will...should keep me busy for a while least some where to start ! thanks again bill


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