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Thread: FS - Angus Trim / Christian Fletcher Redeemer

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    FS - Angus Trim / Christian Fletcher Redeemer (SOLD)

    I've hunted for a Redeemer for a long time and it arrived today, just as my wife's car broke down.

    Sword was received in like new condition, and is a beauty. Handling is true to the review on It loves to be used one handed and tracks very well.

    Asking $800 Shipped to your door in the US. Paypal preferred, as I need to raise cash fast. (SOLD)

    I may be willing to accept a partial trade, but do need to have some cash out of the deal or I wouldn't be selling. (Interest include Atrims, Odin Blades, Tinkers. I'm partial to short swords and Viking age weapons.) The only straight trade I'd be willing to make would be for my old Odin Blades Brazil Nut Viking, I should have never sold that one. If you have it, I'll trade you straight across.
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