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Thread: French side arm Sabre Briquet please help identify

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    Question French side arm Sabre Briquet please help identify

    Hi, could you please help identify manufacturer of this Sabre Briquet. I cleaned the blade and hilt to be able to find markings. Quillon is marked with poinçon 'G' ricasso with poinçon 'S' an 'B' also impressed S&? Thanks
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    Because of short ricasso and S&?, my best guess would be S&K, Schnitzler and Kirschbaum.
    Germany Solingen Schnitzler & Kirschbaum 1787 1864 per Old Swords .com
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    This sword is interesting in that it has a wide fuller on the blade, which is typical of Russian swords of the 1817 type. While French similar swords had a flat blade.


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