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Thread: Patrick Hastings Fittings for sale

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    Patrick Hastings Fittings for sale

    For sale
    Katana sized Koshirae set, Patrick Hastings signed on the Fuchi, Kashira, and the Tsuba. The set is Tadpole / Frog themed. The outside dimensions are Fuchi: L40.2mm X W22.3mm X H16mm Kashira: L36.9mm X W19.5mm X H14.5mm, Tsuba: L79.3mm X W71.9mm X H3.3mm, Menuki: L39.4mm X W11.5mm X H4.8mm. The Fuchi has a silver inlayed frog just emerging from the water with Dark inlayed eyes, the Kashira has Lily pads, and the Tadpole Menuki are made to fit in the cutouts on the Tsuba. For this set I am asking $1200.00 or best offer, shipping and Paypal fees included. Please feel free to ask any questions you have.
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