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Thread: Victorian rapier or is it much earlier ? ? or later ???

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    Victorian rapier or is it much earlier ? ? or later ???

    Hi guys have this huge (111cm blade , total 132cm ) rapier / really well made , blade excellent apart for minor age pitting near point , well balanced , no markings but looks like a machined empty space where it possibly had a brass makers plug (im guessing )
    trying to age , im guessing its a quality victorian era repro
    Any help would be excellent
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    Hello, Phil.

    I agree with you, a decent Victorian repro. The blade is perhaps too long for a period rapier, specially being a cup-hilt, and the grip is too long for an original, too. Remember that, depending on the fencing school (Spanish or Italian) only two or three fingers held it, while two or one were placed over the forward quillon, in the ricasso area.

    Besides, the style of the engraving is quite Victorian, too. The supposed brass plug could have been removed intentionally, to make it more difficult to identify it as a repro.

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