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Thread: Need Help Identifying this old Knife "Sword-ish" lol Please help if you can

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    Need Help Identifying this old Knife "Sword-ish" lol Please help if you can

    Hi all~

    Haven't posted in a very long time. I know this is a Sword Forum, but if any of you can help me, I'd appreciate it so much!

    Any idea what it's worth and where it's from?

    The Maker's Marks I can sort of make out are "FAPEDATOT"

    I saw something similar listed as "very old Yemen Jambiya Khanjar Joulba Knife Yemenite"--what do you all think? Is this correct?

    Thanks so much for your help and time!

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    I really know virtually nothing about Arabian arms, but I have traveled in Yemen and agree this looks like an older Yemeni Jambiya or a copy of one. To my untrained eye it looks authentic. If so, it appears the grip may be rhinoceros horn which is highly valued in Yemen. The round medallions on the top and bottom of the grip are likely Venetian ducets or local copies of ones. Here is a photo of one:

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    Site rules do not permit us to give a value, and even if it didn't, I lack the knowledge to make even a wild guess of what it is worth in the States. In Yemen, however, genuine old jambiyas with Rhino grips and gold coin decorations go for a pretty penny.

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    I believe the grip is camel bone. These can be had in Saudi Arabian markets today for nominal prices and are popular with tourists. The weapon itself hasn't changed much in the last century.


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