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Thread: French cutlass with interesting blade

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    French cutlass with interesting blade

    Hi all!
    Buy this from french seller and he said if this cutlass p1833 replaced with p1811 blades made in Klingenthal.Ok look what we have. Guard is p1833, look at pommel hard to say, replaced or no, but i think replaced because blade is not from p1833.
    engraved anchor on blade is similar anchors on french cutlasses model an IX, but modele an IX blade is width 5,1cm, long 65cm.My is width 3.83cm! long 68.2cm. More this type anchors I cannot see on model p1833. Model p1811 and p1833 blade width 3.65cm (my more, and my untouched!) and long 67,65cm (my longer!) Only model an X 1801/1802m have blade width 3.9cm (very similar to my, because my untouched) but this model long 75cm , more longer then my Inspection stamps is "B"B" with stars on top. This type stamps is Klingenthal inspectors E.L.Borson 1814-1816, L.C.Balaran 1834-1836 or Chatellerault E.A.Bish 1844-1861. Stamps position horisontal how Chatellerault, Klingenthal stamps position is vertical. I dont have now model p1833 compare blades, but my wider.
    Source M. Petard "Le sabre d'abordage" "Gazette des armes 321/225"

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