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Thread: Albion Next Gen Sovereign with Albion made period scabbard for sale

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    Albion Next Gen Sovereign with Albion made period scabbard for sale

    Albion Next Generation Sovereign sword for sale with the hand made Albion scabbard made by Eric McHugh and purchased from Albion at the time. This was the scabbard that Albion had on its Sovereign page for many years. This is an opportunity to own a true museum quality reproduction sword and matching scabbard.

    - The sword has never been cut with and has been out of the scabbard only a few times.
    - The sword was ordered with a red grip wrap keying into the red and blue theme of the scabbard.
    - There are some handling and storage scuffs on the scabbard that have occurred over the years.
    - The brass fittings are aging with a nice patina and some tarnish. I have not cleaned in case new owner wants the aging/patina in place. Will clean up fast and bright of you so choose.

    From the Albion site;
    A broad blade that tapers to a sharp point, a short grip and a bold and broad cross guard makes swords of type XIV easily recognized in art from around 1275-1340. They are as a rule compact and powerful swords, usually with noble lines.
    Our sword, the Sovereign, has an accentuating flaring of the width at the base of the blade and carries an unique set of double fullers. Fullers like these are effective in reducing weight, while retaining a high stiffness on thin and wide blades.
    Because of its relative shortness, this sword is quick and responsive with a pleasant blade presence inviting both short chopping cuts, sweeping blows and precise thrusts.
    he steel cross is wide with crisply sculpted bevels and a slight cusp in the middle. The deep pommel of bronze is of the wheel type with a recess in the central boss (the pommel is also available in steel.). In this an owner could affix an enamel disc with his personal coat of arms or some other signifying mark or symbol. Sometimes recessed pommels were used as reliquaries on swords of outstanding importance.
    Some customers like to place period coins, religious symbols or heraldry markers inside the pommel recess. The dimension of the recess are: width: 0.79", depth: 0.122".
    A Limited Edition Hand Crafted Collectible Sword
    This sword is offered in a limited edition of only 1,000 collectible swords worldwide.

    Total length: 34.25" (87 cm)
    Blade length: 27.75" (71 cm)
    Blade width: 3" (7.4 cm)
    CoG: 4" (10 cm)
    CoP: 17.65" (44.8 cm)
    Weight: 2 lbs 11 0z (1.22 kg)

    This is what Albion said about the scabbard after they made mine custom and were trying to sell them on their own website. They have since sub-contracted that work out to people like Christian Fletcher.
    "Handmade scabbard in a style popular from the late 13th C to mid 14th C.
    The scabbard features:
    -- all natural vegetable tanned calfskin
    -- hand-sewn throat
    -- authentic belt construction
    -- hand-made chape and strap-ends
    -- hand-stitched back seam
    The suspension for this scabbard is based on the famous original Can Grande Della Scala scabbard.
    This is an outstanding example of the scabbardmaker's art, thoroughly authentic, handmade of the finest materials.
    Sovereign Scabbard.... $1,998
    Option of custom incised line detailing on the chape and belt-plates.
    $500 additional"

    Sword and scabbard $3200.00 plus shipping. Note the sword may be for sale locally or on Ebay and not available before I can mark this as sold.
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