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Thread: Four Different German WW 1 Artillery Sabers

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    Lightbulb Four Different German WW 1 Artillery Sabers

    Guys: I have sorted out a large pile of recently obtained Sabers. Most are German artillery models of various types.

    Prussia used the shortened Mod. 1848, which was called the Artillerie Sabel n.A. or new model. These are very common.

    Bavaria used the virtually unaltered Bavarian Blücher Saber. They kept the blade design, and never copied the other States that used a more modern form.

    Württemburg used a saber very much like the Prussian, with the exception of the langets. This model, a first glance seems to be an Ulan Saber model 1872, but it does not have the Montmorency blade and the grip is slightly different, also most of the Württ. models have a bakelite grip, not wood/cord/leather like the Ulan model

    Saxony used a shortened Mod 1874. It has less curve than the other Kingdoms models. The grip is the identifying feature of this model, see pix..

    I have labeled the sabers with the correct kingdoms..

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